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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[Comfort Music]

Blogging five days a week is a real drag.

Aren't you all sick of my blog? I'm sick of my blog.

We got back to Canada today. I could go on and on about how bloomin' cold it is here, or how I miss the green winter lawns of my home state, or I could talk about That Baby some more...but it would be redundant, really. We all know I thrive in Mesa; we all know I enjoy green grass; and we all really know I love That Baby more than I ever thought I would be able to love any human child.

But I won't bore you with it all over again.

I realised something on my long drive up to Canada. During the winter, I've noticed a lot of cooking blogs post recipes for "comfort food." Dishes like beef stroganoff, vegetable stew, and piping hot lasagna are supposed to take us back to "the good ol' days" and make us forget all our cares (like snow tires and frozen windshield wiper fluid).

I have always totally believed in--and supported--the notion of comfort food. And I got to thinking on the drive up to the north country, as I flipped through songs on my iPod while scanning a cooking magazine, "Aha! Comfort music!"

Comfort music. Songs, albums, or playlists that we've known forever, or that got us through a particularly hard time (read: and icy-cold Canadian winter). For example, my dear friend Chelsie sent me a mix of songs two years ago when I was living here in Canada (before I knew I'd really be living here in Canada someday). It was the perfect blend of Relient K, Rent, Wicked, and random Canadian songs; I listened to it over and over and over, and I have no doubt that I might've not survived being so far from home without it.

That's comfort music.

And Billy Joel--pretty much every song he ever wrote is comfort music to me. I was introduced to his musical genius back in seventh grade, and since then, there has never been a time when I haven't embraced his music [unlike various "it" bands, like the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, who came and went faster than any kid could get through high school].

If you don't have any comfort music, get some. I am convinced that comfort music is an absolute necessity for these winter months--every bit as important as scarves and touques and chicken noodle soup. If you haven't heard Piano Man by Billy Joel--hear it. Borrow it as your own comfort music until you find your own.

And if you already know what comfort music means to tell.

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Blogger RPH said...

sad to see you are back home. i was really hoping for a visit! boohoo. i love billy joel, and like you i believe we all need comfort music. simon and garfunkel do it for me. or dave matthews. i know they are totally opposite styles, but i love it! glad you made it home ok.

January 31, 2008 at 10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all, no one's getting bored with your post! And i totally agree- comfort music is just as vital as comfort food. I love piano man- I think i'm going to go listen to it now. I like Michael Buble's style too.

January 31, 2008 at 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. Reading your blog is always one of the highlights of my day!!! My comfort music is Taylor Swift and Norah Jones. My favs are Our Song and I'd Lie by Taylor and Come Away With Me, Don't Know Why, and Sunrise be Norah.

January 31, 2008 at 4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comfort music, hmm I agree with it. But mainly, I have music that reminds me of people or past events in my life. Enjoyable none the less. ~A

January 31, 2008 at 6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comfort music, hmm I agree with it. But mainly, I have music that reminds me of people or past events in my life. Enjoyable none the less. ~A

January 31, 2008 at 6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, it seems I've clicked one to many times and left you with a duplicate. So Sorry, oh and I do plan to give you a jingle one of these days. ~A again

January 31, 2008 at 6:10 PM  
Blogger Loralee Choate said...

I have LOADS of comfort music tunes, but I am a self-declared dork, so I will spare you the list.


I am not tired of the posts, but I will say that in my case, I can't comment on every post of bloggers that post daily. My reader is too big for that.

More important is keeping up your love of blogging.If you are burning out posting every day, cut back.


I thank the heavens the day I found my sideblog. It makes posting a lot easier. That way, I can make a tiny post that I don't really expect people to comment on (Though some do) and do a main column post every two to three days.

I'm not sure how to add a sideblog to Blogger, but you may have an easier time alternating between a short post and a longer post.

(Dude. Forgive the ramble. I'm just trying to give tips, NOT saying I'm sick of reading you. No, not at all! You rock.)

January 31, 2008 at 8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with the above comments; your voice and writing style are endearing and captivating, and I LOVE reading your posts daily, especially since you're back in the northern land. However, if you're burnt out, cut back.

I also agree with your notion of comfort music. I think music can serve as a balm to one's soul. Billy Joel is definitely awesome; when in seventh grade did your love affair with him begin? I don't know the story behind that, and it sounds interesting...

January 31, 2008 at 8:46 PM  

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